On the subscriber's cover of the June Elle, Megan Fox shows off her tattoo, which reads, "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies." And alas, this Shakespearean text is the only part of the cover that does not lie!

June is the month for Elle's "Body Issue" which means you can expect both blatant and subliminal body issues lingering in its pages. For example, Fox's interview mentions how she was down to a Olsen-like 98 pounds for her role in Diablo Cody's upcoming movie, Jennifer' Body. She stayed out of the sun and withered away for her art, claiming, "I wanted to turn [myself] into a zombie," but once filming wrapped, she was ordered to gain ten pounds for Transformers 2. The issue also has the usual unforgivingly awkward cut-out bathing suits, expensive creams that may or may not banish cellulite with religious use, and a novel exercise regime to get your ass into shape. Below find out what else we worked out of this issue: