Compared to its fashion magazine cousins, Elle is one tough, slightly-feminist chick. One of the few women's titles unafraid of its own (or its readers') intelligence, Elle is overseen by one Roberta 'Robbie' Myers, who, unlike her editrix peers, is not much of a glamourpuss/press whore... mostly because she wants it that way. Lately, however, Myers has been in the news, due to a string of staff departures, a massive redesign, and, well, a curious choice of cover subjects. But what do we really know about her? Well, not much. After the jump, graphologist Sheila Kurtz finds that Ms. Myers — former boss/mentor to our own Jennifer Gerson — is as careful with her public persona as she is with the content in her magazine.

This is a hard one. The signature is snarled like a fishing line.

What shows is good imagination (nice loop in the "y"). There are open "e" formations that signal a mind that accepts new ideas with interference from preconceptions or preset limitations. There is a caution stroke at the end of her name to indicate a person who carefully monitors her decisions and the consequences of those decisions. There is also a "tie-stroke" like a typical shoelace knot at the end of what appears to be her first name. It indicates this writer will try, try, try and try again and again and again.


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