'Elle' Magazine's Fashion News Department: Now With Fewer People Than Olives

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Elle's "fashion news" department has lost yet another member of its staff. Ordinarily we would not care, but Elle's fashion news department is helmed by one inimitable Anne Slowey, she of the occasional three-olive-a-day diet. Anne is blonde and, we hear, very spiritual, so we know she is handling the loss of senior fashion news editor Jenny Feldman — departing for the decidedly more hipster-heavy pastures of Nylon — with total Zenlike calm, like that time the Buddha sat so long meditating the bird shits accumulated in thick piles on his head, except that we would, uh, not want to be the bird who takes a dump on Anne Slowey's head.

Susan Cernek was the first to leave Anne's department. You'll know Susan from her incredibly convincing attempt to play an insecure person in the recent Elle body issue. Susan is now at Glam.com. Then came Lindsay Talbot. We don't know Lindsay other than that she once cleaned Anne's office and that she once kissed a guy we know at a bar and so has decent boy-judgment. We imagine that she made the decision to leave Elle for Teen Vogue — following in the footsteps of former Elle sorority sister Danielle Nussbaum — sober, however, and that we don't understand. Does anyone really want to get closer to the cast of The Hills? Seriously, Anne can't be that bad.


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Ahhh I want their jobs! If only someone would sponsor me to work in the US. Yup, what wouldn't I do for a better job in magazine publishing...