'Elle' Magazine May Be Cherchez-ing Some Femmes

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As the motto printed on the spine of every issue of Elle says... "Cherchez la femme!" ['Look for the woman'] We're tired of having to report on this, but we've just caught word that yet another Elle staffer has left the magazine: This time, Style Editor Francesca Mills, who has left to follow her boss/former Style Director Isabel Dupre to wherever she lands next. In addition, Elle.com's Fashion and Beauty Editor Cheryl Locke has apparently also said "bye-bye", having left the company to pursue "a career in freelance" (a phrase that we've always felt to be the career-equivalent of telling a child his/her dead dog has gone onto live on a big beautiful farm somewhere). This now brings the grand total of Elle departures within the past six months to 20 of 59 members of the editorial masthead. (9 more people and they'll be at almost 50% retention rate!) And in other "news" about Elle, is it just us or does the magazine's editor-in-chief Roberta "Robbie" Myers look a lot like Angelina Jolie? They both possess impossibly tiny frames almost always clad in either black sheaths or jeans. Don't believe us? See for yourself, after the jump.


[Image of Roberta Myers via ELLE.com; image of Angelina Jolie via Splash]

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Hey, now... where is my credit?


"Zachary says: [reply to this comment]

19) Cheryl Locke, former Market Editor at Elle.com. Left "to pursue freelance work" (quoted from her Out of Office AutoReply.)

06/12/07 02:23 PM"