Elle Editor Robbie Myers: "The Devil, Yes. I'm The Devil"

Anna Wintour she's not, but is Roberta "Robbie" Myers gunning for more name recognition? Not only is she rumored to be meeting with producers to become the next Nina Garcia, the Elle editor-in-chief (and former boss to our very own Jennifer Gerson) appeared on Larry King Live last night to tout the new issue of her magazine, its cover subject (guest Posh Spice) and, presumably, herself. (Jen confirms what we've suspected: She is "camera-shy" and "rarely does TV".) Anyway, here's what we learned: Ms. Myers has seen the Devil Wears Prada. She's different from Ms. Wintour in that she doesn't have any fur coats (but seems to like leather). She also endorses the idea of celebrities who design their own clothing and perfume lines. (Of course she does; Sarah Jessica Parker is a major advertiser!). Get to know Robbie in the clip above, and, as an added bonus, check out Posh's self-aware, slightly cute camera-faces as she arranges her head and lips for the best camera-angles.


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@NicoleItchy: I would never never ever want to be on TV or in the public eye, either.

It is sad but true, though, that anyone who appears on TV should probably be a bit concerned about conducting themselves in a TV-friendly way, and I wish these TV people would help them more.

I mean imagine something 'interesting' happens to you, the TV people want your story, you go on and they don't really tell you what they are going to do.

TV shows are so planned in terms of time. Can't they tell people how many questions they are going to ask and how long they'll probably be allowed to talk before they get cut off? And maybe not do those wide shots unless they tell them where to look? (or however that stuff works)