'Elle' And The Home Shopping Network: Strange Bedfellows

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Pathetic? Perhaps. But last night I sat and watched an entire hour of Elle Fashion Presents: The Colors of Fall on the Home Shopping Network. (It was the least I could do to distract myself from my misery over Tre being ousted from Top Chef.) And I have to say, I was a little confused. 'Cause I'm not entirely sure what any of the programming had to do with Elle magazine, other than seeing the logo tossed about everywhere. No one from Elle even dropped by the HSN studios! The "special guest" co-host was some dude named Lloyd Boston. The HSN host kept talking about how famous he is. I have never heard of him. Seriously, though, so how could Elle be "presenting" if no one from Elle was even there to present?


Elle Senior Writer Maggie Bullock did appear in a taped segment about halfway through the show talking about the importance of color-blocking as a fall trend (alongside an uncredited Senior Market Editor Joann Pailey) and looked a little confused the whole time. Or rather, as if she was trying not to laugh. Even without seeing the bounty of fuschia rayon wrap-shirts in person, it seems that Bullock was fully aware of the fact that what she was doing was downright ridiculous.

Because most importantly, the clothing was bad. All I could hear in my head the whole time was the voice of Nina Garcia, in full-out Project Runway mode, saying, "It just looks cheap." So I hereby challenge Elle staffers to actually wear any of the outfits that appeared in last night's segment. In public. Lunching at Michael's. Dropping by an industry party. Attending Fashion Week. Not until that moment happens (and yes, I will need photo documentation!) will I believe that Elle is endorsing any of this shit.




For real! I just howled out loud. Yes, I am at work. Yes, my assistant thinks I am insane.

Dagnabbit, how come they always kick the black dude off early? Last season Cliff should have gotten a medal for trying to shave off Marcel's skanky hair.

Gawd, of all the nights to have to work late...