Elizabeth Smart, the woman who was kidnapped from her home in 2002 at age 14, is now engaged and trying to keep it fairly under wraps — well, as under wraps as possible given that the ABC News contributor is crazy famous and everyone wants to know about it and her family and reps keep talking about it.

Her father says, "We're very excited for her. She told us at home last Saturday. I wasn't really surprised. They've been very happy together. We're just thrilled. We're looking forward to her moving on to this next stage and leading a very happy life."


At the very least, Smart is keeping the name of her fiance a secret, as she "feels very strongly about that right now."

Despite all of this talk of privacy, Smart's rep also reveals, "I know they're looking at a summer wedding. They're still in the process of planning the wedding, and there are a lot of details to still be worked out. She's going to be very public in her child advocacy work, but has decided she wants to keep her personal life private."

And in sad/unbelievable marriage news, TMZ says Heidi Klum is filing for divorce from Seal!!!! SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY? I have no words. [TMZ]

UPDATE: The day before the split was announced, Seal wrote "THE END" on Twitter. Again, no words have I.


"I put up lights for Christmas and I love them - they're jovial and they make me happy - and so I leave them up all year. It's the mountains. Who cares? They didn't like that so much. They asked me to turn them off in January… So I took ‘em off in July." —Katherine Heigl. [ONTD]

"I've been scalped for my new film and I've had the most heinous hair cut you have ever seen. You'll see it in a cinema next year." —Jude Law. [Express]


Jude ought to take some comfort in the hefty settlement he received after being the victim of a phone hacking scandal: "For several years leading up to 2006, I was suspicious about how information concerning my private life was coming out in the press. I changed my phones, I had my house swept for bugs but still the information kept being published. I started to become distrustful of people close to me. I hope this means that they will never invade my privacy again. They have also finally given a proper apology." [Justjared]

Tom Cruise is all about his placenta-based facials, yo. [ONTD]

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"I think it's really silly for people to think I'm a heart-throb. The character in Bridesmaids was very sweet, so women loved him. I want to know where all these women were when I was 15 and couldn't get a kiss for love nor money. I chose the wrong year to get engaged." —Chris O'Dowd. [TheSun]