Elizabeth Smart Reveals Daily Rapes, Other Details Of Captivity

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In a competency hearing for her kidnapper, Brian David Mitchell, Elizabeth Smart publicly revealed details of her captivity for the first time. She says, "There wasn't an actual 24-hour time period he wasn't able to rape me."

According to Lukas Alpert in the New York Post, Smart testified that Mitchell kept her tied to two trees with a cable, and that in addition to raping her daily he spoke to her in a sexually hostile way, telling her things like "I'm going to fuck your eyes out." The assaults stopped briefly when Mitchell's wife, Wanda Eileen Barzee, grew jealous and asked him to "rotate" between the women — soon, however, he was back to raping Smart again. She once fought back by biting Mitchell's hand, and he said he would make her "miserable" by never having sex with her again — this was a lie. Mitchell also gave her alcohol and drugs to make her more docile, and once forced her to drink until she vomited and then lie face-down in her own vomit. Smart said, "Anything I showed resistance or hesitation to, he would turn to me and say, 'The Lord has commanded you to do this, you have to experience the lowest form of humanity to experience the highest.'"

Experts are divided over whether Mitchell is competent to stand trial — he frequently sings hymns in court and once yelled at a judge to repent. But Elizabeth Smart said he seemed very competent during the time he held her captive. He understood the workings of the judicial system, and that he could be prosecuted for his kidnapping. He also tried to cover his tracks by giving Smart an alias and telling her what to say if police ever questioned her. Smart says, "He was a very capable, intelligent human being."


Smart's own capability is admirable, given the hellish ordeal she went through. Alpert calls her an "angelic Mormon harpist," but she seems more like a collected, mature woman determined to bring her tormentor to justice. Now 21, she is a music student at Brigham Young University, and plans to go on a religious mission to Paris in November. She went to Washington in 2006 to support a bill toughening sex predator laws, and her father said she hoped to face her kidnapper in court yesterday (she couldn't because he was ejected for singing hymns). After kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard was found, Smart advised her to "not [let] this horrible event take over and consume the rest of your life." Sounds like she's taken her own advice.

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