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Elizabeth Edwards Threatening Divorce?

Illustration for article titled Elizabeth Edwards Threatening Divorce?

The National Enquirer says so, and they've had the Edwards scoop all along. Apparently, Andrew Young's tell-all memoir was the straw that broke the camel's back — Elizabeth Edwards read it and "flipped out." [National Enquirer, Politico]


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I hate this situation.

I hate this because in '04 I really liked John Edwards. I hate this because I have his book. I hate this because my friend sent me a "John Edwards is Hot" shirt she bought on the street in Boston. I still have that shirt, something I'd blocked out till just now. I hate this because he seemed like a smart, charismatic figure who would have been good for the Dems and he's become...this? Tabloid fodder?

And I really hate this because as sad as I was the day after the presidential election in '04, I felt even worse when I found out Elizabeth had cancer. She's been through the ringer, and so have her kids.