Elizabeth Edwards Sticks It To Stephen Colbert

Last night, a radiant looking Elizabeth Edwards was on the Colbert Report discussing universal health care and the fight against poverty. Often on the Colbert Report, guests are flummoxed by Colbert's quickness and the depth of his commitment to satire, but not Elizabeth! She made a wry reference to a joke about gas prices from Stephen's opening monologue (which can be seen here) and managed to stick to her talking points without sounding canned or insincere. Clip above.

[Colbert Report [Comedy Central]


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Awww, come on...it's part of his schtick to play blowhard (and part of the humor for him to play blowhard to his "lefty" guest), but we all know that even though Steven's a Catholic Sunday school teacher...he's on their side. (Right?)

Saw her last night—and she was good.