Today Oprah aired an interview with Elizabeth Edwards, in which the two discussed her husband John's infidelity. Elizabeth said she blames him for his "indiscretion" but she seemed a lot angrier at the other woman.

In the clip, Elizabeth said that there's "no excuse for women" to sleep with married men. But what's the married men's excuse? She sounds a lot like Monica in "Sideline Ho."

Elizabeth was promoting her book Resilience, in which she talks about John's affair as well as her own battle with cancer. Oprah read a passage from the book, that also seemed to point the finger at Hunter:

And the misery of having your past and your future taken away by something so unpleasant as a woman with nothing but idle time to spend hanging around outside of fancy hotels would be avoided but we cannot, they cannot turn back.


Rielle Hunter, the woman John had an affair with, has a child that could very well be his, but he insists is not. Rielle said that a DNA test would not be conducted. For her part, Elizabeth says that it doesn't matter if the baby is his or not, because either way, she won't let it affect her life, but her general tone sounded much more like she won't let it enter her life.