Elizabeth Edwards Heads To Oprah; Michelle Bachmann Heads To Crazytown

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  • Elizabeth Edwards (and her cheat-of-a-husband John) sat down separately with Oprah Winfrey for an interview that will be televised later and appear in O. Elizabeth asked that Oprah not use the mistress's name. [Associated Press]
  • Someone is apparently going to file an ethics complaint against notorious anti-choice Governor Sarah Palin for saying that she backs a parental consent ballot initiative, as though there's some doubt that she feels exactly that way. [ThinkProgress]
  • Palin is also going to be part of the GOP's "re-branding" efforts, as though her brand recognition among moderates and independents isn't part of what's wrong with the GOP brand. [Politico]
  • Michelle Bachmann doesn't like the idea of White House orgies or wads being blown... but she sure does think about them a lot. [Politico]
  • Caroline Kennedy dropped out of the Senate race because her kids thought the stress was making her a bitch. [NY Post]
  • Maybe if she'd said that earlier, David Paterson's approval ratings wouldn't be in the toilet and Attorney General Andrew "Shucking And Jiving Is Not A Racist Term" Cuomo wouldn't look like the next governor. [Politico]
  • Switch-hitting Senator Arlen Specter is now going to face at least one Democratic primary challenge in Pennsylvania because of the whole "not going to be a loyal Democrat thing" and his unwillingness to change his mind on the Employee Free Choice Act and health care, even though he only took those positions to stave off a primary challenge when he was a Republican. [Plum Line]
  • And although he is swearing he never promised fealty to the Democrats, everyone else says that he did. That is why no one in Washington ever really trusts a party-switcher. [Plum Line]
  • Now that Republicans realize that Pat Toomey probably can't take the state, they are lining up against Toomey in the primary, including former governor Tim Ridge. [Washington Post]
  • Joe The Plumber doesn't want "queer" people around his kids, so he's turning over custody of them to his wife and vowing never to see them again. What? He himself defined queer as "strange and unusual," so it obviously fits! [ThinkProgress]
  • Republicans have agreed that Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions will get to lead the charge against Obama's judicial nominees until 2010, when Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley will take over. [The Hill]
  • Oh, and brace yourself: we're about to give a shitload more money to the banks. [Wall Street Journal]


Erin Gloria Ryan

I've been a believer in Geithner up until this point, but I can no longer ignore how nonsensical some of his actions have been. Maybe he's trying to suck on purpose so that he's forced out and the administration appoints Paul Krugman (he would be the grumpiest Papa Smurf treasury chief EVER, and I would love it), or maybe he's just trying to delay actually dealing with the problem until the Treasury is adequately staffed (there are many vacancies in that department and poor Tim Geithner is, I suspect, painfully overworked).

Either way, I'm going to go on the record saying that this bear market rally has no legs because none of the problems in the economy have actually been fixed yet. The market is going to tank again soon, and companies are going to fire more people, and the job market will be even more flooded, and people are going to be VERY angry.