"Elizabeth And James" Sure Does Look Like Mary-Kate & Ashley

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's "contemporary" (aka - "less expensive" than The Row but still pretty damn expensive) collection Elizabeth and James has just rolled out its Spring/Summer 2008 designs — and the highly-stylized photo shoots are confusing me. Why would someone want to detract attention from the clothes themselves by staging them in settings where they are often the smallest detail in frame? Maybe because the clothes aren't any good? But from what I can make out, the clothes aren't bad; they're just super Olsen-esque, meaning, good for those who want to look like a hobo person with a trust fund. After the jump, the full spring line.

L to R: The stripes are like a bad Missoni, only this isn't even knit — it's just a tee; unlike this season's designers on Project Runway, at least the girls understand how to make pants? And look! They included kiddie clothes in the line too!


L to R: Oh God, this one looks straight out of the Lauren Conrad Collection; High-waisted skinny trousers are frequently unfortunate; You could just go get the tank at American Apparel and buy a Bedazzler and make the skirt yourself.

L to R: Guaranteed to look bad on most bodies; guaranteed to look trashy; okay, this dress is actually pretty nice, if you're into the Laurel Canyon look.


L to R: Is this look not dead yet?; swirls, sequins, dizziness; the new power suit?


L to R: A great looking dress if you're a tall, skinny girl with no boobs; again with the stripes?; a good blazer, yes, but can its equivalent be found at Forever21?


L to R: To both of these looks I say: How old are we? Seriously?

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They look like they smell bad, like they don't bathe or something. Is it cool to have dirty hair all the time? I am old.