Elisabeth Hasselbeck Sued For Plagiarism

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being sued for plagiarism and copyright infringement. Author Sue Hassett claims that Hasselbeck's book, The G Free Diet-A Gluten Free Survival Guide, rips off Hassett's book, Living with Celiac Disease, which she sent to Hasselbeck last year.


Hassett says she sent a copy of her book to Hasselbeck in April of 2008, via certified mail, but never received any acknowledgment from The View co-host. In May 2009, Hasselbeck published her own book about Celiac disease, that was eerily similar to Hassett's, even down to chapter titles. Before the suit was filed, a letter was sent to Hasselbeck by Hassett's attorney enumerating many—but not all—of the similarities. Some are:

Hassett's book:
"[S]ometimes manufactures [sic] will change the starch in a product and not change the label on the product or the label on the box that…Call the company and ask for it in writing again and again and again if you have to."


Hasselbeck's book:
"Call Back Periodically...Call back every so often to make sure any once questionable foods are still gluten-free. Companies frequently change their manufacturing sites or acquire a new brand without altering their product labels."

Hassett's book:
"Some spices have a starch put in so it does not stick together you must find out where the starch is derived. Is the starch from corn or wheat?"


Hasselbeck's book:
"Spices: Beware the anticlumping agents added to many commercial herbs and seasonings—they almost always use gluten."

Hassett's book:
"A person with celiac disease should only shop in the outer isles of the supermarket. The reason being the only thing down the other isles is things you can't have."


Hasselbeck's book:
"The foods in the outer isles of the supermarket should be the foundation of your diet…"

Hassett Chapter 1: What is Celiac Disease?
Hasselbeck Chapter 1: What is Celiac Disease?

Hassett Chapter 11: Things that should be though about (regarding travel)
Hasselbeck Chapter 11: Traveling G-Free

Hassett's book, which was self-published, seems less edited than Hasselbeck's, but the comparisons are interesting to say the least.

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