Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Full Of Shirt

Ugh. We've been wondering how long it was gonna take for Elisabeth to bust out the "Great AmeriMcCain Hero" shirt she designed for John McCain's campaign, and today was the day. After getting in a heated debate with Joy in which Elisabeth said that Obama cannot be trusted with money, unlike McCain, who is a "man of his word and a man of honor," she intimated that Obama is a dangerous socialist, which would make him less of an American. And that almost made Whoopi's dreads stand on end. After she was pretty much shut down by the rest of the panel, Elisabeth said, "That's why I'm wearing my shirt today. Because I'm just gonna wear it and be quiet." By all means! Clip above.

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I love Elisabeth Hasselbeck! I'm so sick of seeing everyone walking around in their Obama shirts. Why not see a Republican shirt for a change. Everyone has a right to their views.

And what's with the rude headline Jezebel??? You wouldn't write that if it was a clip of a Democrat wearing a Obama shirt, would you?

I'm a very religious(Baptist) mother of 2 teenage girls who tell me they can't even comment on politics at school because there's so much pressure to vote and think DEMOCRAT.

My daughter showed me a funny column, "AMY VS. JOHN" on [Wetv.com] called, "Can a Liberal Love a Conservative." It explains the pressure we conservatives are feeling to vote for the favorite.

I like both Obama and McCain, but I'm sick of all the pressure to go with the favorite. Let's show some respect. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

Isn't this still a Democracy??? Maybe Jezebel won't even print my comment because it's not completely Democrat. Let's see.