It's fine that Elisabeth Hasselbeck has conservative views; she's entitled to believe whatever she wants. (Well, she's actually just plain entitled, but whatevs.) The problem with her shrilly diatribes - in which she talks over people - is that she never, ever admits that the people on her side of the aisle have any faults. She treats candidates like they're football teams, and she's a loud, loyal fan cheering from the sidelines. Barbara Walters called her out on just that today. In the interest of being fair, Babs asked Elisabeth to take the time to tell everyone why she thinks Sarah Palin would make a good president (should anything happen to McCain). Elisabeth responded to the question by not answering it at all, "Well, since I've been studying for this pop quiz forever, I - tell me why Barack Obama is qualified. I mean, give me three tangible things he has done."