Elisabeth Hasselbeck: As Hateful As She Is Stupid?

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You know what? I've never watched The View.* So right up until a few minutes ago, I was as ignorant and uninformed as Elisabeth Hasselbeck about why I should hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck. So as you can imagine, reading this profile of her in today's New York Post made me sort of like a skeptical-yet-clueless 11-year-old who's just gotten ahold of Noam Chomsky. As in, so filled with righteous outrage I almost missed the part where the conservative redeems herself with the kind of unabashed stupidity so rampant and shameful it's like a message from God:

At a recent taping, an audience member asked Hasselbeck if she was still close with [Survivor castmate Rodger] Bingham; she said yes, but it was hard, given that he's a farmer and is up early in the fields.

"He's not a farmer!" [Survivor castmate Jeff] Varner says, laughing. "He works for the Department of Agriculture in Kentucky."


So is she evil? Awesome? You decide, after the ump.

She is an evildoer

Indeed, Hasselbeck has argued on-air that adulterers can't be good parents, that the morning-after pill is tantamount to abortion, and that, "especially in a time of war" (one of her favorite phrases), torture is necessary. She has brushed off U.S. casualties of the Iraq war as "unfortunate," while noting the U.S. has an all-volunteer Army.

She is awesome

She has used the nonexistent word "desperacy" more than once.


Hasselbeck herself didn't become politicized until a few years ago: "You know when we were in Australia for 'Survivor,' we had, I was supposed to fill out my absentee ballot. For the election. That was the controversial Gore/Bush, the whole Florida fiasco. Um, and I . . . I didn't. I was, like, too busy. And I think it was Nick Brown who was out there with me, said, you know, 'You didn't fill out your absentee ballot? Like, how do you not fill out your absentee ballot?' And then I realized what I had missed out on. So I really started a, an investigation, like why I was such an idiot as to not fill that out and partake in something that, you know, the women in Iraq just got a chance to do for the first time. You know, why? Why wouldn't I take advantage of a right that's granted to me? That wasn't always there? And I kind of recommitted to, um, reading as much as I could and learning as much as I could about, um, politics."

Which is why:

She says it took her a few years to build what she calls "a library of Web sites." What does she read every day? "Um . . . I think anyone in my - obviously now for news, if you need something flashy, some celebrity or social news - it's TMZ. You go there first. Ummm . . . you know, I like National Review online, um, I'll go to townhall.com, media research center - for pointed issues, you know? And not only those, because I love the New York Times, Sunday Styles, you know I love the opinion sections, because it's a lot, a lot of the time things I'm not in full support of, want to get perspective on, or just want to hear - I just want to make sure I'm fresh on both sides of the issue."


Seriously, just read the story.

*I know, I know, but it's kind of girly and, duh, I'm sort of the "does she have a Y chromosome hidden in there somewhere or something" category of women which is why I get called "Moe" while real ladies like the writer of this piece go by "Maureen".


The Survivor [New York Post]



I have a Y chromosome and usually catch the view sporadically while flipping channels for some laughs. I posted this to another site and thought you may enjoy the responses I received.

Submitted by Joe S. on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 05:52

I think Elisabeth Hasselback is really Debbie Matenoupolous in disguise. Either that or they are twins that were born without brain stems at birth and separated.

Let Elisabeth go live in a lower income neighborhood in Brooklyn, struggle working 3 part time jobs 7 days a week, while going to college full-time. All because your parents make several hundred dollars over the poverty level and you can not get much financial aid.

While helping to take care of a younger sibling and three grandparents dying from diabetes/cancer/leukemia. Taking two buses to college each way.

Do that and then get back to me in about 2 years or so and let me know how your "VIEW" is then.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I am not even African-American.

Just call me Joe 6-pack, no make that 24-pack, the unemployed plumber. Yeah booze, guns and aircraft, what a combination.

Sorry that I wasn't born in a ritzy town like Newport, Rhode Island. Talk about DUUUUUUUMMMMMMBBBB.

She is worried about the qualifications of the candidates, what the hell qualifications did she have to be on a show like this???

Also, the republicans have become this bible thumping bunch, but they practice very little of it. Maybe they should stop thumping their feet in the mens room.

OR dumping their wife for a trophy 30 years younger that looks like she picked him up out of the graveyard before they closed the casket.

Jesus hated rich people and that is all most Republicans are. White, Rich, Hillbillies that are still living with the mentality of the 1860's segregationist south. Wake-up America. We do not need terrorists to do us in. We did it to ourselves with the people we elected and left in charge of our money.


Submitted by mary e. on Sun, 10/26/2008 - 06:08

Joe S, I'm giving you a slow hand clap.......excellent


Submitted by janet g. on Sat, 10/25/2008 - 15:27

absolutely Joe! right on the money


Submitted by letty h. on Sat, 10/25/2008 - 14:46



so why havent the democarts helped you ? AND AS FOR OBAMA HE IS RICH HE IS A MILLIONIAR . he went to the best schools , to an elite university , so get informed before you speak. he may be democrat but he is rich so god hates him too . if we go by what you said that go hates rich [people.and] let me tell you about your great obama your crying becouse you live in the getto, well maybe if you obama would approve vouchers so that people like you and others could have same opportunity to go to a better school like his RICH chldren attend so to get a better education, if you believe that if obama makes it everything will be better wake up .and why dont you get joy to help you ,she is the big mouth idiot, so stop your crying already and about being born in the getto, thats not elizabeths fault , ask your parents about that, sounds to me like your Jealous of her life . and about jesus hating he does not hate jesus is love, what HE SAID ABOUT THE RICH IS THEY PUT ALL THERE FAITH IN THERE MONEY , SO IT IS HARDER FOR A RICH PERSON TO GET TO HEAVEN BECOUSE HE LOVES HIS MONEY, BUT AT THE SAME TOKEN JUST BECOUSE YOU ARE POOR DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE WITH OUT SIN, AND GOD HATES SIN. and he also said You shall have no other gods before me. and that is what people are doing whith obama PEOPLE ACT AS IF HE IS GOD they worship him.


Submitted by Joe S. on Mon, 10/27/2008 - 20:48

I wasn't born in a lower income neighborhood. We had to live there because my dad was hit by a drunk driver, spent 5 months in hospital, lost his job, we had no income and no options. These are just some of the circumstances we have dealt with in the last 30 years. I am a member of Mensa and have been going to school for social work and public service, so I am not going to college to make money. Materialism has never meant anything to me or my family. We just want to have security and a decent working wage to survive. AIRHEAD. Dumber Ass than Elizabrain. Republicans talk about the sanctity of marriage, while dumping their spouses. I would like a poll on how many Republican marriages end in divorce and how many Democratic marriages end in divorce. Palins kid is having a baby out of wedlock. If that was Obama's daughter, we would never have heard the end of it. For the record, I am an independent and have voted for both parties in the past, so get your facts straight. As for the rich, I am sure Obama gives away more of his wealth that McCain. That is the sin-people should start "saving their riches for heaven." If you would check the internet, you would see that John McCain had to sign a Pre-nuptial with his current "Trophy Wife" after dumping his first wife, because Cindy's family did not want to "share the wealth."


Submitted by letty h. on Tue, 10/28/2008 - 16:14

what does palins daughtor have to do with anyhting , okay she became pregnant before marriage , should she kill her baby by abortion to please you all, you all and others here are not with out sin , as for what you are going to school for , with your attitude toward girls who become pregnant before marriage maybe you should pick another line of work who dio you think you will be helping, and door swings both ways what if mccain was part of a racist church, associations with radical groups , they would not here the end of [it.and] as for mccains houses , so what if hey have several homes, i dont see obama as a poor man , he is not poor nor is his running mate and are you sure obama gives away more of his wealth , i dont think nor does his stupid side kick, and the sin people do is judging other only god can judge ..

and who cares about such a stupid survey poll on how many Republican marriages end in divorce and how many Democratic marriages end in divorce

what point are you trying to make ? are you trying to prove that democrates are saints? lol

the democrats have been in charge of congress for the last 2 years which included nancy pelosi, so what have they done for his economy for he last 2 years nothing. they are the ones in control .

he who is with out sin cast the first stone.


No one said any woman should kill their baby dependent on someone elses opinion. And no matter who is elected the problems we have now will probably need more than 8 years to be fixed. So, I wouldn't blame either candidate down the road, but that is to be debated in the future.

The problem with typing is that people can not hear the tone of words typed and thus read into them what they already hear stored in their owns heads-even if some of them are empty. I never said abortion was appropriate and Pro-Choice does not mean pro-abortion. It means giving women the right to decide what to do. Republicans talk about the sanctity of marriage and all this crap, meanwhile having children out of wedlock, thumping their feet for sex in mens rooms and dumping their wives after they are in a horrible car accident for a younger, wealthier model like McCain did. (His wife didn't dump him after he returned from war all battered.) Isn't it supposed to be for better or for worse? Also, before someone brings up Clinton. I think that whole thing with Lewinsky the pig was a total set-up. As for another sidebar, probably much the same with ACORN, probably some Republican planting forms to make it look like a Democrat did it. Although, I know many people are silly and write Mickey Mouse on forms for contests, etc. All forms submitted had to be accounted for, so we will have to wait for that outcome.

At least Democrats acknowledge all their shortcomings.

There was a blonde woman filling in for Hasselbrain last week and we thought she was very intelligent and could see both sides of an issue and she was a Republican I believe. No one in the house knows who she was, but she would make a great replacement-Permanently!!!


Submitted by nancy o. on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 17:14

"AND AS FOR OBAMA HE IS RICH HE IS A MILLIONIAR . he went to the best schools , to an elite university , so get informed before you speak."

And McSame didn't????!!!!!! However, Obama was raised by a single mom and lifted himself up to where he is, - while McSame was a spoiled brat who got into the academy because his grandfather and father were admirals. Obama was ranked first in his Harvard class. McSame was somewhere like third or fourth from the Bottom of his.

No, you need to get informed.....you don't know what you're talking about just like EH. duh


Submitted by Brenda M. on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 16:56

Letty H. - Who said Obama is rich, do you know that for yourself? If he is,he's one of the first that acknowledge that he is and feels every american should have the same opportunity. He wants to share the riches and he's being called a socialist and communist. Unless, you have the dollars like your girl elisabeth, he's fighting for your A**.


Submitted by Marie D. on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 15:46

To Letty H....You are an imbecile just like Elisabeth.....Next time you want to post a comment, please do yourself a favor and ask someone with a brain to review it first...Even my 6yr old nephew could teach you how to spell "because" which you spelled "becose"....What an idiot!