Elephant And Salmon Support Reproductive Choice

Illustration for article titled Elephant And Salmon Support Reproductive Choice

Josh Siegel brings you animal art every Monday. Add your own requests in the comments, and maybe Josh will draw an animal for you.

For masiteladi, "salmon discussing reproductive rights with elephants." I accidentally made this a salmon discussing reproductive rights with an elephant, rather than making it a group discussion. I think it's just as powerful though.


Check out more of Josh's drawings on his Tumblr.

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Antonym, mourning Va Va Get My Broom

I would like to hear the story of a brave single mother kangaroo who makes a stand for tidy trolley bays in car parks, even while tending to the needs of her errant Joey.

I am always bemused by the lack of trolley organisation (shopping carts to Americans). How much effort does it take to tidy the trolleys away in an organised manner? They are STREWN across car parks, left wandering lonely streets, taken from their natural homes, and this MUST END.

Take a stand for basic decency. Take a stand for tidy trolleys.