Angelina Jolie apparently shut out Fox News from covering the New York premiere of A Mighty Heart last night. (Hey even we were there!) But we find this annoying because, one, we kind of love Shepard Smith, and two, the whole point of the film is to depict a super-nuanced situation wherein an innocent Wall Street Journal reporter who is good and brave is beheaded by a guy who is kinda cold-blooded and evil but everyone else is just sorta, you know, human. As for the movie itself, it's not that great because the screenplay isn't really strong enough to make you care about any of the characters — and we have the suspicion that Brangelina sorta got wooed by the charisma and the tragedy of Mariane Pearl, who is not that great a writer, as we know from her work in Glamour — so we're thinking Angelina maybe just isn't that smart, because if she was, she might understand that, you know, when you are doing this movie where you are supposed to portray a journalist, who is married to a much better journalist, you sort of have to allow that maybe freedom of the press is something that apply to all journalists, and not just the journalists you actually like. OK, we're working on a better way to phrase that. A review of the film is also forthcoming.

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