Egyptian Court Clears Awful ‘Virginity Test’ Doctor

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The BBC is reporting via Egyptian state media that a military court — because those are always conducted by the most fair-minded citizens — has cleared a doctor named Ahmed Adel of charges that he carried out "forced virginity tests" on female protesters at the start of last year's civil unrest in Egypt after a judge tossed the case out in light of contradictions in witness statements.


Samira Ibrahim, one of the women who Adel tested, brought the case to court in the wake of her arrest and detention during a March 2011 demonstration outside of Tahrir Square. Ibrahim said that while in detention, she and other women were forced to submit to 5-minute virginity exams administered in private by a male doctor. Though the army initially denied Ibrahim's allegations, an anonymous senior general later confirmed Ibrahim's story.

Ibrahim's legal challenge succeeded in pushing a Cairo administrative court to rule that the tests were, in fact, illegal, but she says that key witnesses on whose testimony she was relying changed their stories at the eleventh hour.


Egypt unrest: Court clears ‘virginity test' doctor [BBC]

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Is anyone shocked? Since their stunning revolution, it's back to business as usual in Egypt. It's become a state run by the military and things like this are going to be more frequent. It's alarming and I have no idea what to do. I had a lot of hope for the revolution, but the military doesn't seem as if they'll let go of the country now.