Egypt Considers Allowing Men to Have Sex with Their Dead Wives' Bodies [Updated]

A sane person asking themselves the question "Should a man be allowed to have sex with his dead wife's body?" would likely answer in a way that ranged from a calm but immediate "No." to an emphatic, shouted "JESUS LAST DANCE OF MARY JANE CHRIST NO!" But these are not sane times. And the thought leaders in the Egyptian Parliament are actually considering enacting a law that would give men the legal right to have sex with their wives up to 6 hours after they die.

The totally nutty "post-death crysex" law didn't spring from nothing; in fact, last year a Muslim cleric reasoned that since marriage is a bond that lasts beyond death, both men and women are entirely within their rights to have sex with their dead spouse's bodies. Nothing more erotic than a little rigor mortis of the peen, right, ladies?


Women's groups, understandably, are upset by this proposition, which is being considered alongside another totally messed up law that would lower the age where it's legally okay for women to get married to 14 (I guess at that age that I wouldn't call them "women," but rather "girls" or "kids," but tomato, tomahto, right, Egypt?!)

Egyptians aren't taking this without a healthy WTF pushback, calling the proposition "unbelievable" and a "catastrophe." It's also "gross" and "really, unbelievably fucked up."

It seems that America isn't the only place where the government has unofficially declared a War on Women. But while America's efforts have focused mostly on punishing women of reproductive age, Egypt's newly-elected Islamist majority Parliament has kept itself busy rolling back rights of women living, dead, and pre-pubescent. Aside from what one Egyptian journalist has called the "Farewell Intercourse" law (a much more polite and succinct title than one I'd give it — The WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE CRAZY?! Law) and the "Marry Your Beautiful Female Child Off ASAP" Law, Parliament has attempted to undo most of the legally ensconced rights women in the country have — like the right to petition their husbands for divorce.

During the now-toppled Mubarak regime, an Islamic women's right to divorce law called Khula was introduced. It allowed women in unhappy or abusive marriages to seek to terminate the union without having to jump through many legal hoops. Before Khlua, women were still technically allowed to ask for divorce, but the petition usually took 10 to 15 years to be granted by the dilly dallying court system. And now the religious Parliament wishes to undo that law, saying divorce "destroys families." Something tells me that the Muslim Brotherhood currently running Egypt would be at home in Wisconsin.


According to Al-Arabiya, Dr. Mervat al-Talawi, the head of the Egyptian National Council of Women, has launched a personal appeal to the head of Parliament, Dr. Saad al-Katatni, urging him via letter to stop being a misogynist. I'd like to personally urge him to also stop being a creepy weirdo who thinks it's okay for men to fuck children and corpses.


Update: An Egyptian journalist reached out to clarify that the proposal was first reported in Egpytian press by an extremist with vested interest in spreading anti-Egypt rumors. Though it's now been reported in HuffPo, The Daily Mail, and countless other places, the "post death sex" law isn't one the Parliament is considering.

[Al-Arabiya News]

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