The Adidas Originals By Originals: David Beckham By James Bond Collection launch party — held last night in L.A. — featured Mr. David Beckham himself; wife Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham… and Snoop Dogg. So, obviously it was fun.

We'll assume that the hoodie is part of David Beckham's new Adidas clothing line; he's gotta represent the brand. It looks nice enough, and he dressed it up as much as he could. The shoes are a problem, though. I'm a huge Adidas fan but I'm not loving these sneakers.

What else do you expect from Victoria Beckham at a casual sneaker party? Of course she's going to wear a flawless little black dress and heels to drool over. There is no alternative.


No Doubt's Adrian Young : I enjoy your sweater, sneakers and joie de vivre. Carry on.


Ciara's dress has skin-baring cut-outs that can often look cheap, but the muted hue and a lack of accessories keep things elegant.

Maybe Julie Bowen didn't think there would be cameras. She looks comfortable, but those boyfriend jeans are not doing her any favors. I'm pointedly ignoring the abominable shoes.


Lupe Fiasco should probably retire those jeans; he looks like he was dragged by a team of horses.


There were no full-length shots of Snoop Dogg, but judging from his accessories — hat, sunglasses, earring, headphone necklace — he was sharp, for shizzle.

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