During a cull of my old papers last weekend, I came across an awesome document, the results of an occupational survey I took in the 10th grade that purported to show what I might be good at when I grew up. (The company that created the survey seems to still be around.) According to the report, I should be putting together chintzy sitting rooms on New York's Upper East Side or making movies instead of working on the web! My question is: did anyone else have to take these, and if so, did the results gibe with what you later "became"? Tracie has this to say:"I took this and one of the things it told me to be was a farmer. I couldn't believe it because I hate nature, I hate waking up early, and I hate manual labor. It was so off the fucking mark." Adds Dodai: "I love how if you are a creative man your only choices are filmmaker or interior deisgner. It's like straight vs gay." The survey, after the jump.