We finally listened to the new Kelly Clarkson hit "Never Again" and we think you oughta know (ha) it's better than all the Alanis-alogizing would have you believe. It's fucking solid. Not that anyone in the entertainment industry seems to give a shit about stuff like their sense of hearing. This week's tabs (like Star, above left) are not only making out poor Kelly to be a modern-day Mama Cass, but perpetuating the stupid rumor already perpetuated sufficiently by Perez that the album she and RCA chief Clive Davis have been fighting over, My December, is a total piece of shit. Seriously? Fuck Clive Davis, fuck skinny people, and may all the "fashion police" rank-and-file currently hatching clever quips on the really disgusting outfit she wore to TRL be sentenced to eternity in an Ashlee Simpson concert. Does Amy Winehouse have to go all Karen Carpenter for you people to remember it is not the job of a fucking singer to be 90 pounds?

Star Magazine
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