Edie Beale Would Not Approve Of Drew Barrymore Playing Her In A Movie

Last year, unseen footage from the Maysles brothers' classic documentary Grey Gardens was released. Packaged as The Beales of Grey Gardens, the footage doesn't really comprise a sequel, it's just more of what we love — the Edies! In the clip above, Little Edie goes on a rant about her supposed nervous breakdown, and then discusses how she likes being a part of a documentary, because she gets to play herself. She explains that a movie of her life had been pitched to her, but the idea of an actress — supposedly Julie Christie — playing Edie Beale didn't sit well with her. One of the Maysles then asks her who would play her mother, Big Edie, offering up the suggestion of Ethel Barrymore, the great aunt of Drew Barrymore. Oddly, Drew is currently filming the movie version of Grey Gardens, in which she plays Little Edie. Things always come full circle, don't they?

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What's with the video? It looks like the shutter was attached to a strobe or something; a series of tabeaux vivants, with audio track.