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Eden from Toddlers & Tiaras Will Now Sparkle and Shine on Her Very Own Show

Illustration for article titled Eden from emToddlers  Tiaras/em Will Now Sparkle and Shine on Her Very Own Show

Remember when living doll Eden Wood, who first rose to fame on Toddlers & Tiaras, retired from doing pageants at the tender age of six? Even though she announced vague plans to take over the world back then, we all kind of hoped someone would freeze her in time and set her on a shelf where she would increase in value until she could be sold at a luxury doll auction for millions of dollars in 2057. But, alas, she is still a living, breathing little girl, chasing dreams of lasting fame. To that end, she's been given her own show on Logo, and it looks about as horrible as you'd expect. In Eden's World, the pint-sized dynamo comes to New York to make herself a superstar, and her scheming mother, her publicist, and her manager are heavily featured players; so you know it is going to be a totally glitzed out, convulsion-inducing trainwreck. But who are we kidding? We are going to watch the hell out of this thing. She had me at "Hey, y'all."


[Via Vulture]

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Have these parents not been paying attention to what happens to child stars???

I mean, even if your child makes it to adulthood unscathed, how many child stars end up with serious problems as adults? I mean, Britney Spears, Linsday Lohan and Demi Lovato, anyone?

How sad for this poor little girl.