Eddie Redmayne Could Not Be More Attractive at Tonight's New York Premiere of Les Misérables

Illustration for article titled Eddie Redmayne Could Not Be More Attractive at Tonights New York Premiere of emLes Misérables/em

Eddie Redmayne, Amanda Seyfried, and Samantha Barks at tonight's Les Misérables New York premiere at Ziegfeld Theatre. Can we just talk about how hot that Redmayne is? Even his name is hot. If you don't want to be the mayonnaise in that hot, hot, sexy sandwich, I'm not sure I want to know you/ew I apologize.

And OK, just to make sure I'm not the only one imagining this, but does it kinda look like Redmayne has two little backwards jazz hands in the pic? Imagining that this is how his hands look and behave in real life is making me love him even more.

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AGGGHHH I JUST SO STRONGLY DISAGREE. I find him so distractingly unattractive. WHAT AM I MISSING LADIES?