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Eddie Redmayne Celebrates Father's Day By Becoming a Father

Illustration for article titled Eddie Redmayne Celebrates Fathers Day By Becoming a Father

Eddie Redmayne and his wife Hannah Bagshawe celebrated Father’s Day this year in a big, if relatively unscheduled way: by becoming parents.


According to AP, Bagshawe and Redmayne placed a birth announcement for their daughter Iris Mary Redmayne in Great Britain’s Times Sunday because that is absolutely something Eddie would do.

The couple married in late 2014, just before Redmayne was swept into the Academy Awards hubbub for his performance in The Theory of Everything. Iris is their first child and, if genetics have their say, she’s going to be pretty damn cute.


Image via Getty.

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So yesterday during the “Charlotte & Aidan” are sooo trendy naming discussion I was thinking to myself, damn celebrities just can’t win. Trendy or Crazy, either way we’re gonna make fun of your kids name.

Iris Mary though. That is pretty solid. Not toooo much to hate on there! (Iris is gaining popularity but it’s no Sophia Ava Rose).