Ed Sheeran Just Strolls on Stage to Sing 'Stay With Me' With Sam Smith

Oh this video is no big deal; it's just Ed Sheeran casually roaming on stage to duet with Sam Smith on "Stay With Me."


Shot on Wednesday night at Manchester's Albert Hall during Smith's concert, this video clearly shows a very confused and disoriented Sheeran wandering on stage, randomly bursting into Smith's hit song. Good thing Smith played along or that could have been awkward! I wonder if he just goes from concert to concert, with a sad, lost look in his eyes. "Hello, are you Taylor Swift?" he asks random strangers at music venues. "Will you sing 'Everything Has Changed' with me?" I heard last weekend the poor boy wandered on stage at Wayne Newton's show and started singing "Danke Schoen." Someone get this guy a friend and a karaoke machine, STAT!

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