Ed Hardy Model Runs Drug Ring, Is Still Less Embarrassing Than Wearing Ed Hardy

After a month on the lam, former Ed Hardy and FHM model Simone Farrow has been taken into custody on charges of heading a drug ring out her Hollywood apartment. The model, who has also been attempting a pop career under the name Simone Starr™, is accused of internationally trafficking in high grade crystal meth. Farrow is actually quite the renaissance woman— in addition to being a model, singer, drug dealer and all-around genius (her drug delivery system was FedEx and the good old-fashioned post office), she lists her interests on her Facebook page as "Writing Literature and Poetry also Lyrics," "Counselling" and "Spiritual Healing."


Starrrrr claims that her real reason for dodging the law is because someone has taken out a hit on her— a great reason to avoid police protection if I've ever heard one—and has spent the last month living in seedy Gold Coast motels. If that sounds trashy, keep in mind that Farrow is used to modelling for the likes of Ed Hardy— meth, shitty motels and prison are all a big step up.

Model Simone Farrow Accused of Heading International Drug Ring Captured [Yahoo! News]

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FHM, Ed Hardy and meth - the Trash Trifecta.