EC Allegedly Used "Casually" In India • Man Attacks Woman In Ear Salon

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• Gynecologists report seeing a spike in young women with menstrual complications resulting from repeat use of OTC emergency contraceptive pills. The Times of India claims the pills are being used "not in emergency but as casual contraception." •


• A 24-year-old biologist from Rutland has become the first woman to row solo across the Indian ocean. Sarah Outen began in journey off the west coast of Australia in April and ended it Monday night at the island of Mauritius. • A man was arrested in Tokyo Monday on suspicion of stabbing a young woman in the ear-cleaning salon where she worked and killing her grandmother. The 41-year-old man had been previously banned from the salon. • According to a report in the journal Pediatrics, only 10% of girls who describe repeat sexual abuse by genital penetration have "definitive" physical evidence. However, this does not mean that the other 90% is making it up; an earlier study shows that very few children fabricate stories of abuse, and most victims under-report attacks. • A recent study conducted by The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research found that cheerleading is the leading cause of catastrophic injury among young women. Researchers cite the increased difficulty of cheerleading stunts as the most likely reason for the high number of injuries resulting in either death, head or spine trauma. • The Advertising Council has announced a new campaign, which will make its debut this fall, to "encourage blacks to adopt children from the U.S. foster care system." However, it is not clear from the article whether the ads are aimed at black would-be parents (as suggested in the previous quote), or meant to encourage the adoption of black children, or both. • According to new regulations, employers in DC will now be required to provide sanitary rooms (other than a bathroom) for moms that need to breastfeed at work. Surgeon General Steven Galson deemed the new laws "profitable, important and feasible." • The traumatized gorilla mom who carried around the corpse of her dead baby for several days has given birth again, and this time, the baby is happy and healthy. • Police have arrested the owner of an Ohio sports bar for pointing a gun at an 11-year-old girl and robbing her of her skateboard. • A small Vegas-style wedding chapel has popped up in Manhattan as the newest incarnation of art collective Grand Opening's ever-changing storefront. It costs $100 for a half-hour ceremony, and they offer both mock and legal weddings.

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Wasn't there a post once about how a lot of Indian men can't find condoms that fit properly? Seems to true.