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Etsy isn't the only internet marketplace banning the sale of borderline-disturbing esoterica — eBay, the place where my best friend in eighth grade was able to buy a taser for fifteen American dollars, has announced in its 2012 Fall Seller Update that it will ban the sale of all magic potions, spells and enchantments, effective Aug. 30. Oh, and psychic readings have been banned, too, because some people at eBay are clearly uncomfortable with astrology's demonstrated power.


Maybe this sort of news comes as yet more proof that the Wild West age of internet entrepreneurship is ending and a new age of the internet being a boring, calcified thing is upon us. What will happen to people like that guy who auctioned off his immortal soul, or that girl who tried to sell her bottled farts? Where will unsupervised youngsters buy the non-lethal crowd-control weapons they will use on each other in an escalating and imaginary war of attrition one Saturday afternoon in the backyard? We need to think about these things before excessive regulations sap all the wonder, danger and, yes, magic out of the internet.


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