Eating in Bed Is Turning Your Sheets Into a Bug Paradise

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Eating in bed seems like a pretty normal activity. We have all done it at some point. And now that it's getting colder and Unsealed: Alien Files is available on Netflix, there is nothing better than curling up in bed with a TV show and a snack. The comfort and convenience of eating in bed is almost enough to make you forget that you have just created the perfect linen resort for all kinds of unwanted critters.


Renee Jacques at Huffington Post sat down with Kadi Dulude, the owner of a cleaning service about the potential risks of daring to be happy and simply enjoy food in bed. Bad news:

"The people who are sloppy and don't clean up after themselves are the ones who run the risk," says Bello. "Cockroaches need only a little bit of food to survive."

Different kind of foods attract different kind of bugs. So if you are like me and think that you are safe because you refuse to eat food that crumbles easily like saltines, chips, bread and any baked goods, really, but will eat something like milk-soaked granola or pasta. YOU ARE NOT SAFE.

…[S]weet foods such as soda, fruit juices, cupcakes and cookies with icing could attract ants and certain flies, including house flies, blue bottle flies and green bottle flies. Leftover foods, such as milk from a bowl of cereal, pizza sitting in the box or hamburgers and chicken left out in the takeout container, can attract ants, flies and even cockroaches.

Dulude also advises people to wash their sheets once a week, at which I laughed for four minutes straight. But if you eat constantly in bed? Every three days. Yeah, good luck with that.

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I went home with a guy once and laid down on his bed to do the sexy time in the dark and THERE WAS HALF A PIZZA ON THE PILLOW. I picked pepperoni and cheese out of my hair while I walked back down the stairs to my car and left.