Eat Me

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Do you like bacon? Do you like bras? You're gonna love the bacon bra. No idea why it exists, but, as one commenter notes, "So not kosher." Waffle panties and syrup slip to come? [WOW]



@KathrynwithaY: I'd love to see Stacy and CLinton take on the bacon bra on "What Not To Wear"

Woman in 360, wearing bacon bra: This is something I would wear when I go out to a club. I love the way it makes my cleavage look and it smells nice.

Stacy: Okay, we're gonna stop you there. HELLO!

Clinton: So let's talk about the cleavage for a minute. this bra is doing you no favors.

Stacy: And what kind of guy are you going to attract in this thing?! We need to find you an outfit that will attract the RIGHT kind of guy.

Clinton: Deli meats are a great way to bring protein to your wardrobe in an age appropriate , tasteful way. Stacy and I both love a bolgna skirt, or a nice sliced ham dress with an empire waist.