Easy Curves is a phallic piece of plastic that is supposed to make breasts higher, larger, firmer, and "more centered" (???), and is being advertised pretty regularly on TV. (Seriously, I could not get through a Top Model marathon this weekend without seeing boob commercials every few minutes.) Easy Curves is sorta like a cross between a night stick and the Thigh Master and, as you'll see in the commercial above, it makes breasts dance from side to side for a "natural look." (Despite the fact that most of the chicks in the ad are pumped full of silicone.) For just $9.99 you get the boob stick, "an exclusive guide to a sexy bustline," 10 secrets to looking your best, and essential "boost" vitamins for women. As one woman in the commercial says, "There's no greater feeling than to be able to get into a bathing suit and feel good walking down the beach." Clearly this woman does not own a good vibrator.