It's still 16 days until the "official" start of summer, but already the net is buzzing with stories about... stinky feet! First we came across a report about American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken, who is said to have recently stink-bombed an aircraft cabin after he took off his shoes. Then we found this post on Fashionista, in which editor Alison Cool (rightly) calls out the return of "jelly" footwear for its high price (Marc by Marc Jacobs is charging over $100 for its version) and odor-causing ability. All of this reminded us of some of our favorite stories regarding summer footwear, or rather, the pandemonium we create every time we take off our shoes, specifically a certain Nike-designed, celebrity-beloved creation called the Air Rift (above).

Said to have been created for a Kenyan long-distance running squad โ€” and popular with celebs like Kirsten Dunst (yeah), Sarah Jessica Parker (eh), Madonna (ugh), Gwyneth Paltrow (hate her!) โ€” the Air Rift has got to be one of the weirdest-looking (think goats' hooves); most comfortable (the sole of a sneaker, the ease of a sandal); and colorful (dozens of color combos to choose from) shoes we've ever worn. In fact, we have six pairs of them. But the problem with the Air Rift, as many women undoubtedly know but don't seem to talk about, is that they they fucking reek. (A woman we know says that she keeps her pair in the back of her closet under a blanket.)In fact, after a few hours of wear, feet become so smelly as to require a good scrubbing. Talcum powder and inserts don't do the trick. Neither does freezing the shoes or throwing them in the washer. A few years ago, we even bought a pair designed by Rift fanatic Halle Berry, hoping that some of the actress' Hollywood magic would rub off on our tootsies. It didn't. Apparently, starlets smell too.

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