Earlier, we parsed the spurious infanticide charges leveled at Barack Obama by, among others, this woman — Jill Stanek. Jill's a big anti-abortion, anti-birth-control, pro-"purity" and anti-reality activist who got the infanticide ball rolling with the help of some people in the media that take her somewhat seriously despite her use of the word "baby-killer" to describe pro-choice lawmakers. Media Matters, however, points out that Stancek also promotes domestic violence as an acceptable reaction to a partner's abortion; accuses the Chinese of eating aborted fetuses as a delicacy; and accuses former first lady Barbara Bush of supporting abortion as a cure for illiteracy. How do people like this get taken seriously? [Media Matters]


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First of all, THANK YOU for coining the term "anti-reality". I am going to be using that a lot from now on. Unfortunately.

Secondly, and even more unfortunately, being batshit hasn't stopped a lot of folks from believing this stuff, or at least a version of this stuff. I mean, it's clearly Outer Limits crazy...but how many people in this country really understand this issue? I've read sites with stuff equally as insane, even one where they encourage you to report "baby killers" so they can put them on their "hell list". No, I am really not kidding.

People like this are, in a way, pathological. They're addicted to their "cause", whatever it is, and do not see anything wrong or harmful in what they promote. They probably don't even think they're flat out lying. It's pathetic. But not addressing it won't make it go away. These people have to be called on what they're doing or I'm very much afraid they'll get what they want...the right to dictate what women do with their bodies.