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Earlier this week we mentioned a recent study showing that breast feeding could possibly raise IQ in newborns. Slate dissects the scientific background behind the findings, but what's remarkable and icky about the article is when writer Emily Bazelon gets all TMI and says in her intro, "My friends who quit [nursing] at three months seemed like rebels. And when I cut off my sons, after more than a year each, I felt a little heartless because I know so many kids who zealously nursed into toddlerhood." Into toddlerhood?!? I will paraphrase an early Sex and the City episode on this one. If they're old enough to ask for it, you probably shouldn't be breastfeeding them anymore. [Slate]


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@SinisterRouge: That's basically what happens around my house; My wife primarily nurses my son to trick him into going to sleep, though there have been a couple of occasions that he has asked for it in the daytime. (After a big fall or when there's just no other way to get him to nap)

We did the same with my daughter. She was still getting a nighttime nursing until after she had turned three, but of course, we subscribe to that whole hippie parenting thing and never pushed her to stop.