Eagle Nest Livestream Gets Very Real Very Fast When Family Rips Into Cat

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Animal livestreams are so relaxing. You get to look at animals, and also at your computer.

For example, check out this giraffe munching on a leaf! Listen to the birds, and imagine what it must smell like to be next to trees; what your body might feel like if it weren’t hunched over and deprived of Vitamin D! How nice, love that. But the circle of life can be cruel, folks.

Philly.com reports that on Tuesday, bald eagles in the Pittsburgh area brought a “young cat” back to their nest to feed two eaglets whose nest is on camera, showing zero regard for the horrified masses watching back home—who have evidently not learned their lesson:

A raccoon unsuccessfully attacked the Hays nest in 2014. No eggs survived the winter of 2015 at the Hays and Harmar sites, and this year one of three eggs did not survive at the Hays site. Recently, at a monitored bald eagle nest in Hanover, York County, viewers watched as a 2-day-old eaglet died on camera. Its carcass was eventually tossed from the nest.


Rachel Handel, spokesperson for the Audobon Society of Western Pennsylvania, told Philly.com that they believe the cat was already dead when it was brought to the nest.

“While many may cringe at this, the eagles bring squirrels, rabbits, fish (and other animals) into the nest to eat multiple times each day,” she said on Facebook. “To people, the cat represents a pet but to the eagles and to other raptors, the cat is a way to sustain the eaglets and help them to grow.”

If you’re some kind of weirdo, you can continue to watch the eagles here.

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