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Today we came across an item on The Huffington Post written by celebrity wife and mother Shiva Rose that makes it perfectly clear that although L.A. is full of well-meaning, beautiful rich people, many of those people aren't all that smart. Or interesting.


We're generally in agreement with Shiva as to the disgrace that is the U.S. involvement in the Iraq War. But we can't really take her seriously when she peppers already over-poetic pronouncements with bad spelling and grammar like this.

The cement was cold and wet as I lay on it looking up at the clear blue sky. I could hear the cacophony of sounds permeating my psyche, as I tried not to shiver from the damp ground. The sounds were a helicopter circling above, the gorgeous timber of an woman singing Amazing Grace, blended with the short commands of the riot police telling us to get up or face the consequences.

I looked up and saw a bird gracing the vast blue with it's wings, and knew . . . if the war in Iraq happened as a few claimed, there would be as Pablo Neruda stated so eloquently, there would be 'blood in the streets'.


Shiva: If we didn't kind of agree with the message of your post, we would say as Ryan Dunn has stated so eloquently to Bam Margera, we would say 'you're an idiot'.

Blood In The Streets [Huffington Post]

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