During Recession, Legal Assistants Must Also Change Diapers

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Like legal work? Like kids? Then you could apply for this legal assistant/nanny gig originally posted by UT Law's career service. Responsibilities include "filing and other general office assistance" and "helping to care for a four-month-old infant." [Above the Law]



When I was in law school I had a job as a law clerk for a solo practitioner who worked from home. They had a full-time nanny, but after she left sometimes I would babysit for an hour or two (as a separate job, paid differently and independently from the clerk job). It wasn't problematic in the sense that it became part of my clerk job to be a babysitter, but it did get weird when she started to assume I was always free to babysit after work, not asking until the last minute (and at least once just assuming instead of asking). It felt awkward to have to say that I had other things to do or wasn't available, because I'd be back at work with her the next day and it felt like I was putting her out.

Seeing how easy it was for the lines to blur even when she was making an effort to keep things separate (paid cash rather than in my paystub, no babysitting during working hours, etc.), I decided that very clear boundaries at work were the way to go for me in the future. I am not the one who volunteers to pick things up for the boss. As a young woman it's bad enough that people can assign you that role in their head; I'm not assuming it for myself. #legalassistantnanny