"Dumb Whores" Ad Runs During Princess Diaries 2

This commercial for the New Zealand clothing store Hallensteins presents several clichés about the bond between bros and a hint of incest due to some awkward phrasing — but that's not what got the ad pulled.

According to AdWeek, the country's advertising watchdog is upset because the commercial features the Sleigh Bells song "Infinity Guitars." Here are the lyrics:

Deaf chords, dead ends
Sling set can't meet their demands
Dumb whores, best friends
Infinity guitars, go 'head

Street wars, straight men
Cowboys, Indians
Red souls, red friends
Infinity guitars, go 'head


Ads repeating the phrase "dumb whores" aren't welcome at any time, but for some reason the commercial aired during a showing of Princess Diaries 2. The ad agency claims this was obviously an accident, as 6-year-old Anne Hathaway fans aren't their "target audience."

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Infinity Guitars Lyrics [Song Meanings]

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Not "dumb whores." Devil horns. Sorry. I think the only place of minor discrepancy might be the first chorus of the non-live version, when she says it but it sounds like "deaf whores." It's not dumb whores though, that's for sure. Later in the song you can clearly hear the v sound. Also if you watch the video of her singing, her lips don't make the figure of a person saying "dumb," but that of one saying "devil."

So yeah, even if the commercial is shitty, the song isn't. SongMeanings isn't exactly known for its accuracy though...which is why I don't use it.