Dumb White Tennis Player Thinks It's a Great Idea to Mock Serena Williams' Body

During a recent match against Maria Sharapova, 22-year-old Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki decided to break out a hilarious impression of Serena Williams in which she stuffed the bust and butt of her uniform with towels to mimic Williams' body shape. Even better, this was a repeat performance. Wozniacki has already mocked Williams with the same costume routine in December of last year when she came on the court dancing to Rihanna. HAHAHAHA. That is so funn — wait, why aren't you laughing? OH, probably because it's not funny and maybe even a little bit racist. Well, I guess that makes sense.


It's sad how Serena Williams is one of the best tennis players in the entire world and yet her importance still gets reduced down to her body shape simply because her physique doesn't match the majority of her fellow female tennis players. What's even more depressing is that her peers — players like Wozniacki and Andy Roddick — are the ones doing the mocking. While the whole "she's just jealous" excuse is tired and overused, throw in a dash of racism and it might apply here. People who look like Wozniacki (white, blonde, thin) aren't exactly used to losing, but then here comes Serena Williams (black, curvy and strong) and all of that — at least on the tennis court — starts to change. Fucked up as it is, it makes sense that they would make fun of her body; turning her into a caricature or a joke will make it easier to stomach all the times she wipes the floor with them.

Is this tennis player's "Serena Williams" impersonation racist? [Salon]


see you in rach-hell only comments on tswift now

I might just be missing something but do we know for sure it was about Serena or are we assuming it's because Serena has more T&A and/or Rihanna is black so we assume she's "mimicking" the most famous black tennis player (next to Venus ofc)?