We're having trouble feeling sorry for the Duke lacrosse players (even though Colin Finnerty totally seems like a decent kid!). Maybe it's because this whole affair made us ponder the idea free will, and whether it really exists, and that scene in In Cold Blood where Perry says he went on that killing spree because the fear in the eyes of that nice Midwestern family told him they expected him to do it. And maybe it's because, having worked at the campus Starbucks of an Ivy League university in a dirt-poor majority-black town, we have enough anecdotal evidence to say that most coddled white kids display enough indignation when their skim lattes are accidentally made with whole milk that they don't really need help from a pair of larcenous strippers to fuel said righteousness. But we're thinking our lack of empathy is more the result of comments like this from Larry King's sitdown with accused-rapist Dave Evans' attorney last night:

KING: Do you think, Joe, that they are in some way still tarnished?

CHESHIRE: Yes, you know, Larry, I think they are. We live in this crazy Google world where if you type in the name "Dave Evans," you get over a million hits. He's had a hard time getting a condo in New York because — or a co-op in New York because people will type his name in.... It's one of the horrors what of has been done to them.

Of course, there's some missing stuff where we put the ellipses, and you can read the entire exchange at CNN.com, but that pretty much says it all, doesn't it? Poor 22-year-old learns the true consequences of being falsely accused: He can't cash in on the Manhattan's booming real-estate market!

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