Women! We're all just trying to trick clueless men into "accidentally" impregnating us so that we can steal their money. Well at least that's what the dudes interviewed for this Details article about the trend of young men getting vasectomies think. Writer Richard Morgan calls babies conceived by duplicitous females "oopses," using Bridget Moynahan as an example of a celebrity "oops." Morgan found one Tim Vass, "a 34-year-old technical writer in Florida, [who] got snipped in May 2007 after a half-dozen pregnancy scares, including what he says were two attempted oopsings. Both of the latter were one-night stands; he says one woman admitted she didn't know who the father was and the other demanded a DNA test that proved her wrong."

Maybe, just maybe, had Mr. Vass worn a condom, these "oopsings" wouldn't happen with such frequency. But for these snip-happy dudes, asking them to use condoms is just preventing the increased pleasure they think they deserve. Vass says his post-vasectomy, condom-free banging is "like eating junk food and knowing you're not going to get fat."

Um, except junk food doesn't ever give you STDs. The vasectomy enthusiasts, according to Morgan, are also "spurred by a philosophical argument: Why should women be in control of when-and if-they have children?" Perhaps because we're the ones who carry the children around for nine months and expel them out our vaginas? But you know, if these guys are just going to have sex without condoms, it's probably best that they have to deal with a painful and possibly irreversible procedure to do so. And the guys interviewed for this piece don't seem to be getting vasectomies because they never want children: they're getting them solely to absolve themselves of responsibility. I guess what's so troubling about the piece is the way these men talk about the women they fuck. There's an underlying current of hatred and of distrust. Again: maybe it's best that these guys don't reproduce in the first place.

The Birth-Control Extremists [Details]