Dude Vows Abstinence for a Year, Finds Out It's Not That Difficult

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Peter Lynagh gave up sex for a year to raise money for charity. And despite what you saw in 40 Days and 40 Nights, it was not thatttttt hard.

Lynagh told his story to Esquire, where he revealed that a lot of women attempted to "break" him. Overall, he actually found the whole year really healthy for him; he stopped drinking as much and, now that he's back to vag, has developed more meaningful relationships with women:

I'm seeing a girl now, and it's different. I had to deal with a lot of demons from my past, which was the reason I was chasing so many girls. I really had to build that relationship with myself. And now I have a whole different viewpoint. It's taken that fantasy of what I thought it was supposed to be like away, and I'm a bit more of a realist. I have a bit more connection and depth to my relationships.


Lynagh also says that even though he was allowed to masturbate, he stopped for doing that three months just to test things out:

It's interesting, my drive just went through the roof, I was going nuts in the gym… I recommend it. I think just because it's a change of focus of energy, and that's strong energy.

Good effort and all (plus nice job on the money raised), but going without sex is way harder if you're actually purposefully trying to do it. Everyone else just calls a life without sex LIVING.

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Three whole months without masturbating?!?!? Jeez, I'll be lucky if I make it through writing this com