If you've ever been on Chatroulette, you know that there's a one in two chance that the next person you'll be connected to will likely be naked and masturbating. It happened to Eugene Mirman, It's happened to Ben Folds and it happened to all the people you're about to see, with a totally safe-for-work twist. Don't believe me? You will!

Of course, the reactions of people watching Youtube JonnyTV and his friend pretend to have a hand party with each other are often negative (and sometimes homophobic) but they turn to laughter when the victims realize they've been watching a dude polish a plate or open a water bottle. Well, except the guy in the grand finale. He's pretty happy to be there.

I'm torn on whether I find this video funny or kind of sad because so many people just aren't even surprised to see some dude jerking it on the internet at them. Maybe both. Can it be both?