Dude-Drivers Down Under: Wild And Maybe Not So Well-Hung?

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Australian men are notorious for their excessive beer consumption, ingrained misogyny, and love of alligator wrestling (We kid! Well, not about the beer). But according to a new ad campaign, many are also reckless drivers with a deep insecurity about their manhood. Following the failure of ad campaign that depicted images of accidents stemming from excessive speeding, the state government of New South Wales is spending some $1.6 million on a series of TV and print ads that feature female pedestrians shaking their pinky fingers at male drivers as they blow by.


Unbeknownst to us (yeah we don't get out much) waving one's pinky finger is the universal sign for intimating that a guy has a cocktail wiener for a penis, and apparently, insulting an Aussie's manhood is a more effective way to shame him into slowing down than images of death and dismemberment. Good to know! We'll try that next time we go on a road trip with our Aussie boyfriend, because screaming at him sure doesn't seem to fucking work.
Australian Drivers Hit Below Belt [BBC]
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