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Duck Tales

Illustration for article titled Duck Tales

Here's some Friday cuteness: animal control officers in Garden Grove, CA made a rare rescue mission to save a group of 14 ducklings that had fallen into a storm drain. The article comes with a video, complete with peeps and worried quacks from the mother duck who was "frantically pacing around the drain opening" when the rescuers arrived. The officers scooped up the babes into a cardboard box and then walked them (with the mother duck following closely behind) to a nearby pond where the family was reunited. [LA Times]


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@BlondeGrlz: A boy duck is a "drake"; a "mallard" is a species. We have pairs of mallards all around my lake, it's awesome! They seem very devoted. A couple of weeks ago we had a loon (on its migration path, not a permanent resident, but it was cool to see).