Dubious Bro Site Claims Most Men Never Get Tested for STDs, Some Sext 'For Attention'

AskMen polled dudes about their love lives and now they, like, totally know why he won't call you back! JK. The results of their "Great Male Survey" aren't that illuminating, but here are some highlights:

  • 79% of men said would rather meet a woman offline. Yawn.
  • No men "scope out your mom's Facebook profile to see what you'll look like when you're older," obviously.
  • 47% don't mind if their partners Facebook friend exes, and 55% stay friends with their exes after they break up. Ah, how open-minded of them.
  • 18% of men say they sext to "keep her interest during their relationship." Well, that's refreshing; most trend articles on sexting claim women are the ones constantly sending topless pics to keep the fire alive.
  • 43% of men said they'd be upset if their partner had slept with more than 10 partners previously. Kind of shocking for a website that regularly features articles like "Bad News: Women Are Holding Out Longer."
  • Only 6% said they Google women before going on a date. (I personally Google men 100% of the time before going on a date, if anyone is wondering. Sorry. It's 2012! And I'm nosy.)
  • Um, 56% of men said they "never" get tested for STDs. Great news.

Read on if you care what AskMen's readers think about their/your sex lives. And, uh, please practice safe sex with AskMen readers? (Or follow my example and take a purity vow regarding AskMen readers.)


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Image via Rido Shutterstock.


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